Use your smartphone for biosensing

Smartphones can be reconfigured as portable bioanalytical devices.

The complete procedure is explained in our open access paper:

"Medically Relevant Assays with a Simple Smartphone and Tablet Based Fluorescence Detection System"
Piotr Wargocki, Wei Deng , Ayad G. Anwer and Ewa M. Goldys

Sensors 2015, 5, 11653-11664; doi:10.3390/s150511653

A free application is available for download, for research purposes, to convert your smartphone into an assay readout device, similar to a plate reader.  You can also download a zip file of sample images that can be used with the application. 

You will need a box that provides the darkened conditions required by the assay. A template can be generated from the following web site. Full details can be found in our instruction manual available here.


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